Joga Academy

“The Street creates the player, The Academy develops them.” - JOGA SC
Mission Statement: “Develop each and every player for Joga SC NL First Team.”
The Joga Academy is made of up players ranging from 5-18 years old. The Academy focus is to become a pro soccer player. This is “Pro Player development” Academy, evaluates and develops players in a pro mindset, where playing time is merit based, and players must graduate through Academy level. Players are constantly evaluated and the ultimate goal is to become a pro member of Joga SC Netherlands.
What we look for in a player:

• Technique
• Intelligence
• Creativity
• Swagger

We pride ourselves on being the "Heart of the streets", because that is the soul and foundation which the club is built upon. So players must be in love with the ball from an early age to represent Joga. From street soccer derives the technique, intelligence, creativity, and swagger we want all our players to portray. Our style is highly demanding technically so each player must be a master of the ball.
Our mentality is street, so we are not scared to challenge anyone, anytime, and a Joga player represents that!