Omar Ismail

Omar has kept himself busy with various seasonal jobs throughout high school and in college while pursuing a division 1 college and professional athletic career. Balancing the three aspects taught him to be responsible at an early age, manage his time and be personally accountable in a team setting. Being a sociable person, Omar also experienced in dealing with both kids of various ages as well as adults in a professional setting. 

Omar has 5 years of coaching experience, hired team coach/trainer as well as personal skill/technique/fitness trainer. Varsity high school coach, NCSL travel coach/trainer, aspiring high school/college/professional players. He focuses on technical training, catered to all levels from beginner to professional. Omar tries to keep tempo of session fast, plyometric/agility exercises mixed into passing/dribbling/coordination drills. Depending on size of session, he will often jump in as training partner/coach.